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Metal roofing is steadily increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. It is estimated that 750,000 homeowners had chosen to install metal roofs on their homes as of 2015, which represents about 11% of the market share, second only to comp shingle roofs. There are a number of reasons for this steady shift in the market, as outlined below.

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While a metal roof can be a bit more expensive than a comp shingle roof, it is a smart investment because it will last two to three times as long, and often one metal roof will last the entire lifespan of a house. In addition to being long-lived, metal roofs are incredibly strong and resistant to storm damage, being able to withstand winds up to 140 mph. 

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While traditional comp shingle roofs are a petroleum product and typically last 30 years, metal roofs are made from at least 25% recycled material and are 100% recyclable themselves. Metal roofing is also a great kickoff point for other sustainable practices like solar power and rainwater collection. 

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Energy Efficiency 

In hot climates, metal roofs reflect a lot of heat, which can significantly reduce cooling costs. In snowy climates metal roofs will shed the snow much more readily than traditional shingles, which not only reduces stress loads on the roof, but also allows the sun to shine on the roof, warming the house. 

Residential Roofing West Palm Beach FL | #1 Roofing Contractors West Palm Beach

It’s a look!

While they may not look good on every type of house, in the right context metal roofs are very stylish. They are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes and can be very aesthetically pleasing. 

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